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"Meet the Scientist" at the Science+Media Museum

Updated: Jan 11

To engage with school drop-ins, I delivered a workshop for over 100 school children at Science + Media Museum. The aim of the workshop was to help educate children from low income postcodes, to give them the opportunity to explore science and to meet scientists from various fields. This was a fun and successful day for Mindful Garden and the children loved learning Botany and exploring the plants using their senses. The workshop was ran alongside other scientists, with the aim to inspire the young children into a career within science.

I noticed some children loved the creative side of the project and drawing plant cells, whilst others enjoyed using their senses to smell the different plant aromas. It was great seeing the children have a fun time, whilst learning Botany. The children really seemed engaged to find out more, and were inquisitive using the microscopes. It was great to be able to teach the children a bit about microscopy and for some of the children it was their first time that they used a microscope. Upon feedback a few children were inspired by their time with me and wanted to become Botanists. This was lovely feedback, and solidified the importance of engaging with the public through art-science interactive activities.

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