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Green Careers Internship: Green Interviews

Alongside the project, I have been working as a green intern for Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). I was set the task to conduct professional style interviews, with the aim to find out more about the green sector. The aim of the interviews is to find out more about what other professionals think about the green sector so that I can advise the university but also get personal advice from professionals to help with my own practice.

As Mindful Garden Visualising the Unseen is a green project. I found it very helpful getting advice from three diverse professionals including: Tom Strodtbeck (Start up and Enterprise Consultant), Sarah King (Researcher and the Materials Science Technician STEAMhouse) and Dr Timothy Lane (Lecturer in Physical Geography). Their individual guidance and advice has inspired me to think more about sustainability within my own practice. I also have a deeper understanding of how essential networking is within the green sector along with educating myself through online courses such as climate change and sustainability.

See below interview document that I have made:

I have really enjoyed this experience, setting up and conducting interviews. Likewise it has inspired me to set up my own professional interviews to aid my art-science practice. Networking is really helpful, and getting advice from other professionals is beneficial. Thank you to Tom Strodtbeck, Sarah King and Dr Timothy Lane for letting me interview you, your knowledge, expertise and guidance has been inspiring.

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